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ALIS Workstation

World's first desktop super workstation with both vector and scalar processors


Scheduled to launch in September 2022

What ALIS Workstaion can achieve

A specific summary of what ALIS WS will accomplish.

Supercomputer for office or laboratory

For customers who need big data processing, we have developed an ultra-high-performance desktop HPC that can be placed in an office or laboratory

High cost-performance ratio

Big data processing, which requires a multi-million dollar budget, is now possible for less than $200,000, the size of a desktop computer.
This is 10 times the price/performance ratio of other products in the industry by architecture. Therefore, we believe that the application area of big data processing can be expanded by several hundred times.

Paradigm Shift in the HPC Market

ALIS Workstaion reduces the time required for analysis, parsing, and processing by a factor of 100 in areas requiring big data processing.
This dramatically improves the processing of various forecasting, discovery, development, and informational processes.

30 Years of Development

A group of engineers who have been researching, developing, and providing customer support for supercomputers for 30 years will downsize them to 1/100th their size and achieve world domination in the desktop HPC market.

Why ALIS Workstation outperforms competitors' HPC

Equipped with both a scalar processor (nVIDIA A100) and a vector processor (NEC SX-AURORA), each of which is capable of processing data in its own specialty, to achieve 100 times faster big data processing.

The uniquely developed water-cooling system achieves quiet performance that can be placed in a laboratory and stable operation under heavy load.

High cost-performance ratio compared to HPCs such as nVIDIA DGX Station A100 and NEC A101-1. (Performance is equal or better for tens of thousands of dollars less per unit)

PAGS' unique subscription program can support vector processor optimization tuning that users are unfamiliar with.



From the standpoint of software developers who use HPC, ALIS Workstation believes that an efficient development environment leads to high-quality software development, and has achieved what was previously thought to be an impossible task: fitting a supercomputer into the size of a desktop.


We will continue to provide simpler and more efficient systems.


And we believe that we can contribute to the society of the 21st century.


As a supercomputer system engineer at NEC, I have led the development of software in the simulation field (structural analysis, fluid analysis, thermal analysis, magnetic field analysis, etc.). I have also developed software to automate and optimize production lines for large auto car, steel, special steel, and construction machinery manufacturers.

I have worked with the MIT Media Lab, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Houston Area Research Center (NASA Institute) and Rice University to support the development of high-level AI, digital technologies for expression and communication, and various analytical technologies.

I have been involved in corporate management by starting a systems-related company and becoming the CTO of Auraline, a NEC Biglobe Corporation, while continuing to provide high-level system solutions to leading companies in various industries.

I maintain a network of contacts (a global community of over 200 super-engineers) built up from my time in the technology field, and am a leading expert in extracting the best technologies and people at the leading edge, and in visioning the technologies of the future.


Akio Sakamoto 
Former General Manager of NEC Business Division
Founded 3 companies in Silicon Valley, M&A Exit

Jeffrey Aron Miller 
2009 Project Manager, Security Program, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) 
2011 Director, Japan Office, U.S. Department of Energy 

Kunihiro Tomita 
2010 Senior Technology Manager, Open-Silicon 
2017 Technical Solutions Manager, Alchip Technologies

ALIS Workstation movie

Coming Soon!

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